Milk Analyzers

Julie Z10 – proudly represents our history and accomplishments!

Julie Z10 is a high-precision instrument for analysis of milk and dairy products featuring the innovative Nano-Optics technology.

Julie X is the best we are capable of!


Julie X offers a new and intelligent approach to the analysis of milk products. Thanks to its innovative Nano-Optics measuring system all essential milk parameters are measured in just seconds.

Julie Z9 Fulmatic is a modern, fully automated, high-precision milk analyzer that features unparalleled consistency of the measured results.

Julie C5 Automatic is a compact and very convenient milk analyzer with excellent measuring system and built-in printer for printing out the measured results.

… has proven its qualities!

Milk analyzer suitable for analyses of all types of milk.

MilkoScope Expert is our best-selling milk analyzer due to its portability and capability to address issues that may occur on location.

Julie C8 has it all – excellent measuring system, built-it pH meter, and built-in printer. Working with this instrument is a pleasure!

Julie Z7 Automatic is a high-class milk analyzer which can meet the requirements of any laboratory.

Julie C2 Automatic is intended to be used by farms and milk processing facilities.

MilkoScope Farmer – the little guy with big muscles and attractive price! This makes it the preferred milk analyzer of farmers and milk collection stations.

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