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Scope Electric® offers fast and reliable solutions for analysis of milk and dairy products.

The MilkoScope milk analyzers, made by our company, measure directly, without calculation, the following milk parameters: Fat, SNF, Lactose, Protein, Density in Densimeter degrees, Solids, Freezing Point, as well as Added Water in percentage. Some of our models measure the pH of the milk sample, too.

The milk-measuring technology of our milk analyzers, surpasses the drawbacks of the IR-technology. With us, it is not necessary to homogenize the milk sample, when you measure it. With the IR-method, this is done by a mechanical homogenizer, which very often goes out of order and its repair is expensive.


The milk acidity does not affect the results accuracy at our milk analyzers. The MilkoScope® milk analyzers measure cold milks, without pre-heating. The milk analyzers of Scope Electric® do not need a periodic re-calibration, because once made, their calibrations remain stable for years.

The maintenance of the measuring system of our milk analyzers is very cheap, because for one month, it is necessary to use a cleaning concentrate that costs twenty euro. At the IR-method, the monthly maintenance amounts to thousands of euro.

All this, combined with the high precision and reliability of the Scope Electric's milk analyzers, makes them preferred and wanted by milk-processing plants, dairy farms, human milk banks, neonatal hospitals and cheese factories in more than 85 countries, for more than 20 years.