Animal milk calibration

The improper analysis of animal milk leads to collection of low-quality milks and thus to the production of bad milk products.


For a reliable and accurate analysis of animal milk, Scope Electric® offers ten automatic models of Milk analyzers.


Using these Milk analyzers, with a sample of 10 ml., only for a minute, you can receive the values of the following milk-parameters:


– Fat
– Protein
– Lactose
– Density
– Solids
– Added Water
– Freezing Point- pH (built-in feature at some models)


From the values of these parameters, clients can control the quality of milk and to detect if it is artificially adulterated or falsified.


Also, with the proper and regular milk analysis, people can regulate the feeding of the dairy animals.


At the base of the clients’ requirements, Scope Electric® implements calibrations for cow, sheep, goat and buffalo milk.


Each analysis is done for a minute and no chemicals are used during the analysis.


All our models have automatic cleaning systems, which eases the work with them even more.

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