One of the best German companies made for Scope Electric® the MilkoScope – Flush cleaning concentrate. The solution prepared from this concentrate excellently cleanses and disinfects the measuring system of the MilkoScope Milk analyzers and prolongs their life.

One liter of the concentrate is enough for the preparation of 200 liters of MilkoScope – Flush cleaning solution.

Please use this solution, following the instructions of Scope Electric®.

We offer the MilkScope – Flush cleaning concentrate in bottles of 500 ml. (for the preparation of 100 l. MilkoScope – Flush cleaning solution) and in bottles of 1000 ml. (for the preparation of 200 l. MilkoScope – Flush cleaning solution).

When you purchase a milk analyzer, you receive 1 bottle (500 ml.) of the MilkoScope – Flush cleaning concentrate.

If you want to purchase extra quantities of the MilkoScope – Flush cleaning concentrate, please contact our office.

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