Human milk calibration

With Milk analyzers Julie X Automatic and Julie Z10 Fulmatic, the human milk can be analyzed for:


– Fat
– Protein
– Lactose
– Density
– Solids
– Added Water
– Freezing Point

The human milk analysis, in the neonatal hospitals, helps to determine the nutritious structure of the breast-milk. This is a key-factor for premature babies.


Using the standard methods for analysis of the human milk, makes the results come slower, because this may take several days.


We at Scope Electric®, make special calibrations for human milk, since seven years. Our models Julie X™ and Julie Z10 Fulmatic are high-quality instruments, which with a sample of 5 ml., can give a fast and reliable analysis of breast-milk, at a low price.


Our instruments can come handy at milk banks, too. The human milk analyses can give a picture of the nutritional structure of the breast-milk and thus to improve the care for the premature babies.


Our Milk analyzers, with a small milk-sample, give fast and accurate results for all the eight important parameters of milk. All this takes only 60 seconds.


It is not necessary to use chemicals with our Milk analyzers. You can also connect them to external computer.

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