Farmer™Automatic 2017 Model

MilkoScope Farmer™is Scope Electric's smallest milk analyzer.

It can work under 220V, 110V, as well as at 12V, power-supplied by a car-battery. The car-battery connection-cable is included in the analyzer’s kit. MilkoScope Farmer™ is made of decorated INOX sheet and all the connection parts in it and made of INOX, too.

The milk suction is done by a pump and the measured sample goes into a waste-container. The container is included in the analyzer’s kit.

The flushing of MilkoScope Farmer™is automatic, too and it is done with a cleaning concentrate, called “MilkoScope-Flush”. The milk analyzer gives a sound-signal for necessity of cleaning, after a certain period of work.

MilkoScope Farmer™ can be supplied with a thermal printer and all the measurement results come on a receipt.

The thermal printer is an option to this model and it is purchased separately.

It is possible to connect MilkoScope Farmer™to a PC, via software and connection-cable that are included in its kit.

The analyzer has 3 calibration channels, which can be set for 3 types of milk.

MilkoScope Farmer™ is suitable for all the types of animal milk.