MilkoScope Expert™ Automatic 2017 Model

Integrated MARS sensor for precise analysis of the best-sold model of Scope Electric®, for its compact size and low price and precise analysis.

Possibility to work at 220V, as well as 110V. Option to be powered by a car-battery for on-field analysis. Measurement start, without pushing a button. Made by ornamented INOX sheet.

INOX button and connection materials, ready to endure a humid environment.

Built-in device to cope with the electricity malfunctions. Automatic cleaning with “MilkoScope-Flush” concentrate. Message and sound signal for need of cleaning, after a certain period of work.

Calibration possibility from the analyzer’s built-in menu. Has 3 calibration channels, which can be calibrated for 3 types of milk.

PC-connection option, via software and cable, included in the kit. Perfect for all types of animal milk, as well as for special calibrations.

Thermal printer option.

pH-meter option.