Julie Z9™Fulmatic 2017 Model

The new Julie Z9™Fulmatic, model 2017 is the top-model of Scope Electric®. It is one of the best professional-class milk analyzers that are made now. Due to the new measuring sensor, made especially for Julie Z9™, it has a great precision, when measuring the milk parameters.

Having these features, it is the best milk analyzer for human milk analysis right now. The calibrations made on Julie Z9™ do not shift in time, but remain stable for years. The milk analyzer has a perfect repeatability of the results, when measuring one and the same sample, numerous times.

Julie Z9™ has a big display, which eases the reception of the analysis results. Using the built-in keyboard, you can write the number of your supplier or the mother, whose milk is analyzed. You can also write the volume of the supplied milk.

All these values and the parameters' results are printed out by the Julie Z9™ built-in printer. On the printer's receipt, there is visible, the hour and the date of the analysis. The vast software menu makes the work with the milk analyzer very easy. With it, the operator can make a calibration on their own, for the desired dairy product that they have chosen.

The milk analyzer has 3 calibration channels, which can be set for 3 types of milk. After the analysis, the measured milk sample is not returned into the sample-cup, but goes into a waste-container and thus the milk-way remains clean and this contributes for more accurate results. Even when you have two samples with different Fat-values, one of the samples is not affecting the results of the another. The milk-suction is made possible by 3 high-class pumps. They are made in a way, so to work for years, without getting out of order. It is not necessary for them to be repaired, after a certain period of time, which is obligatory for the peristaltic pumps, used by other milk analyzers manufacturers.

Julie Z9™ measures all parameters directly.
You can analyze cold samples with it, without pre-heating the milk.
You can also analyze preserved samples with Julie Z9™ and this will not affect the results' accuracy.
There are sensors inJulie Z9™, which follow when to initiate the flushing.
Human interference is not necessary to clean the Julie Z9™. This is done by the analyzer’s software.

With the 3 pumps, the cleaning is implemented in all th directions, with “MilkoScope-Flush” cleaning concentrate and after that with clean water and the machine is ready for new analyses again.

Sensors also follow for the water and cleaning solution levels into the flushing-containers and signal with sound and light to fill the containers again.

An automatic pipette, which is very easy to work with, helps for the measurement of the milk-sample with a special light. It shows when the measurement is initiated and when it finishes. It shines white, when the sample is prepared for suction and it shines orange, when the sample is being analyzed.

Everything is real in Julie Z9™, all the things that can be seen with eyes.

It is made of 3 mm. aluminum sheet. All the buttons are made of INOX and are laser-engraved. The pipette, the light-indicators, the pipette-shoulder and all the connection parts are made of INOX, too. The front-panel of Julie Z9™ is made of special INOX piece, too. All the cables and connectors in Julie Z9™ are at a top-level and made by the best Japanese companies.

All connectors are clipped with a special press, which guarantees for the quality of all connections and ensures the milk analyzer’s long life-time.

Due to the high accuracy of the measured results, Julie Z9™Fulmatic, model 2017 is suitable to be used in laboratories of big milk-processing plants, certified labs, as well as in neonatal hospitals and human milk banks.

Julie Z9™ is the best decision for analysis of animal milk, plant milk, special milk, and moreover for human milk.