Julie Z7™Automatic 2017 Model

All the innovations of Scope Electric are gathered in Julie Z7™Automatic. It is a high-class milk analyzer, which will correspond to the requirements of each laboratory.

It is not by chance that it is one of the two models of Scope Electric, which can be calibrated for human milk, apart from its possibility to be calibrated for all the other types of animal and plant milk. This is due to the new integrated measuring sensor of the milk analyzer.

It contributes for precise and stable calibrations, which do not change for years. It also has a good repeatability of the measured results at the analysis of one and the same sample, numerous times.

Julie Z7™ is equipped with a big display, which eases the receiving of the measured results. Using the built-in keypad, you can write the number of your milk-provider and the litres of milk, they have supplied.

All these parameters' values are printed out by a Z7 printer.

The vast and rich menu gives opportunity to work easily with the machine. Using that menu, the operator can make their own calibration for the dairy product they have chosen.

The milk analyzer has 3 calibration channels, which can be set for 3 types of milk, at the base of the client's choice.

After you place the sample under the pipette mechanism, the measurement starts automatically, without pushing a start-button. The measured sample is not returned into the sample-cup, but goes into a waste-container and thus helps the milk-way remain clean, which guarantees for accurate results. Even when you measure two consecutive samples with different Fat-values, one of the samples will not affect the results of the other.

The suction of the milk sample is done by a high-class pump. It is made in a way to work for years, without getting out of order.

Using such a pump, after a certain period of time, it is not necessary for it to be repaired, as it is with the peristaltic pumps that other milk analyzers manufacturers use. Into the new Julie Z7™Automatic, model 2017, there is a built-in professional pH-meter, which is very precise and it is a separate module inside the milk analyzer.

The pH-values are seen on the second graphic display.

Julie Z7™ is made of powder-painted 3 mm. aluminum sheet. All buttons and keypads are made of INOX and are laser-engraved. All connection parts are made of INOX, too, which makes them good to be used in a humid place. Inside the milk analyzer, there is a filter to cope with the electricity malfunctions.

The new Julie Z7™ has an option to be connected to a PC, via a cable and software that are included into the analyzer’s kit. Due to its high precision of the measured milk parameters, Julie Z7™ is suitable to be used in laboratories of big milk-processing plants, as well as in certified labs. It is a perfect decision for analysis of all the types of animal milk, plant milks, special calibrations and human milk analysis.