Julie C8™Automatic 2017 Model

The new Julie C8™Automatic, model 2017, works with a measuring sensor, made under special technology, which guarantees for its reliable and precise work.
The calibrations made on this milk analyzer do not change and remain stable with years.

This model has a great repeatability of the measured results, even if you measure one and the same sample numerous times.
Julie C8™has 3 calibration channels, which can be calibrated for 3 types of milk, at the base of the client's choice.

Using the milk analyzer’s software, its display and the command buttons, the client can make themselves their own calibration, if they want that, for the dairy product they desire. After you place the sample under the pipette mechanism, the analysis starts automatically, without pushing any buttons. The analyzed sample goes into a waste-container, that is included in the analyzer’s kit.

Julie C8™ is made of powder-painted 3 mm. aluminum sheet. The buttons and the keypad are made of INOX and they are laser-engraved. All connection parts are made of INOX, too, which makes the analyzer suitable to be used in a humid environment.

The machine has a filter to protect the analyzer from electricity malfunctions.
Julie C8™ has a built-in thermal printer, which takes out a receipt with the measured results. With a light-indicator button, this printer can be turned off and on.

The new Julie C8™Automatic, model 2017, is being flushed automatically with “MilkoScope-Flush” cleaning concentrate. After a certain period of use, there is a message and signal indication for necessity of cleaning. The signal indication can be turned off by the operator, with a light-indicator button.

Julie C8™ has a built-in professional pH-meter, which works with high precision and it is a separate module inside the milk analyzer. Via software, Julie C8™ can be linked to a PC, which allows all measurements to be recorded and followed.

This milk analyzer is perfect for analysis of all the types of animal milk, plant milks and special calibrations.
The new Julie C8™ is suitable for laboratories of big milk-processing plants, as well as for certified labs.