Julie C5™Automatic 2020 Model

The new Julie C5™Automatic is a professional-class milk analyzer.
The integrated MARS sensor contributes for the accurate performance of the milk analyzer.
To start the analysis, it is not necessary to push a start-button. It is enough to put the sample-cup into the measurement-spot and the automatic pipette starts the analysis alone.
The measured sample is not returned back, but goes into a waste-container, that is included into the analyzer’s kit. This contributes for the accuracy of the measurement.

Even the biggest difference in the Fat-values of two samples does not affect the accuracy of the results. The milk suction is implemented by a high-class pump. It is made in a way, so to work for long years, without getting out of order. After a certain period of time, it must not be repaired, which is a must, when using peristaltic pumps, used by other milk analyzers manufacturers.

Julie C5™ is made of 3 mm. aluminum sheet. The software control is done by laser-engraved INOX buttons. All the milk analyzer’s connection parts are made of INOX that make the machine easy to use in a humid environment.

Julie C5™ has 3 calibration channels, which can be calibrated for 3 types of milk, at the base of the client's choice.

Calibration possibility from the analyzer’s built-in menu. PC-connection option, via software and cable, included in the kit. Automatic cleaning with “MilkoScope-Flush” concentrate. Message and sound signal for need of cleaning, after a certain period of work. The milk analyzer has a built-in system to cope with the electricity malfunctions. Without this system, the results' accuracy, will not be actual.

The new Julie C5™Automatic, model 2017, is equipped with new, high-quality printer, placed on the front-panel of the milk analyzer. It can print, by the operator's choice, all the results of the measured parameters. It can be turned on and off by a special button on the analyzer’s keypad.

The new Julie C5™Automatic, model 2017 is suitable for work in the laboratory of big milk-processing plants, as well as in certified labs.

This milk analyzer is perfect for measuring all the types of animal milks, plant milks and special calibrations.

pH-meter option.