Julie C3™ Automatic 2017 Model

Integrated MARS sensor for precise analysis. The innovative design and the built-in MARS sensor, make Julie C3™ Automatic very comfortable and easy for work. It is only necessary to tilt the automatic pipette into the special sample-cup and the measurement starts automatically. The sucked sample is not returned into the sample-cup, but goes into a waste-container. This helps for the lower littering of the milk’s way into the system.

The new sample pushes the previous one into the waste container and doesn’t affect the analysis results, even when there is a big difference in the Fat values of the two samples.This helps for the better accuracy of the milk analyzer. Julie C3™ Automatic is made entirely of 3 mm. aluminum sheet, equipped with laser-engraved INOX buttons.It has INOX connection parts, that can endure being in a humid place.

Automatic cleaning with “MilkoScope-Flush” concentrate. Message and sound signal for need of cleaning, after a certain period of work.

Has 3 calibration channels, which can be calibrated for 3 types of milk. Calibration possibility from the analyzer’s built-in menu. PC-connection option, via software and cable, included in the kit.

Julie C3™ Automatic is suitable for all types of animal milk. Perfect for all types of animal milk and for special calibrations. Thermal printer option.

pH-meter option.