NEW Julie Z9 Fulmatic
Improve your production and increase
the profit with the help of
the new Julie Z9 Fulmatic.

Sensors follow, so you won’t forget
Light and sound signalization by sensors for the lack of flushing solutions into the two special containers.
In order the milk analyzer to be always clean
Throwing the measured samples and the flushing solutions into a waste container.
Printing to ease you
Marking hour and date of the implementation of the analysis, as well as the milk supplier and the litres they have provided you with

Extreme Precision
Precise and stable calibration. The new measuring sensors are developed especially for Z9 Fulmatic. All parameters are measured directly – they are not calculated.

Flushing without human interference
Optional module for fully automatic flushing of the hosing system, as well as for check and resetting.

Manufactured with products of the best
Five-years warranty of all the pumps inside the milk analyzer without maintenance and repair – a manufacturer’s warranty.

Save time with Z9 Fulmatic
Z9’s unique advantage is the possibility to analyzer cold samples, right after milk is delivered, without necessity of warming the milk up. Z9 analyzes samples with added preservatives without shifting the analysis’ accuracy.

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